The World of Piano and Keyboards

When it comes to comparing musical instruments the first thing that often comes to mind is the piano and the keyboard. It is hard to determine which one is the better musical instrument. Pianos can be the better choice for precision and musical theory. Keyboards can be better for the portability and versatility aspects.
Electronic keyboards do contain a great deal of the versatility instrument. Many electric keyboards feature a host of synthesized instrument components that a player can pick from when playing a musical composition. This feature allows a player to add different orchestra elements to one piece of music. In a sense you can serve as a one-person band without all the other pieces of musical equipment.

Electronic keyboards do not require an acoustic setup which can be a drawback. As a beginner player, you can become too reliant on the absence of an acoustic system. Later on you will fail to recognize what an acoustic system can actually do for a piece of piano music. The keyboard automatically synthesizes the notes and adjusts the volumes without any extra effort on your part. Therefore, the keyboard becomes something that plays rather than something you play.

Next take a look at pianos. The learning curve with pianos is quite a bit different than with electronic keyboards. You will start the learning process by manually tuning the piano in preparation for play. Press down on a foot pedal for a long note play. This essential step will help you determine your personal timing sense. Volume control comes from how hard or soft you strike the piano keys. These two elements alone display how much personal control you have over playing a piano. Precision and knowledge are two essential elements to playing the piano. You determine how the piano plays as opposed to an electric keyboard where the playing is virtually done for you.

The next part of the piano vs. electronic keyboard debate is deciding which set of lessons work best for you. Determine which setting you will find yourself playing in and then decide which musical instrument will work from there. Frequent musical performances on location will lead towards the selection of an electronic keyboard. It is appealing in these settings for the ease of transportation. In this situation, you would be best suited to go with electronic keyboard lessons.

If your musical playing card is filled with smaller venues such as a church or smaller venues, then you want to seriously consider a piano. Piano lessons afford you the ability to learn how to play a musical piece on a quieter level which is appealing to many churches and smaller locations. A piano is also the best option when you are considering a long-term musical career.

Electronic keyboards and pianos are both high quality musical instrument choices. In the end it comes down to personal preference. Electronic keyboards provide the versatility factor while pianos provide the building blocks towards venturing into other musical formats. Either selection will have you well on your way towards venturing into the world of music successfully.