Where To Find Private Piano Teachers

Piano HandsLearning to play the piano is a very rewarding experience, because the piano is an exquisite instrument that can capture many different types of musical moods with its tone. There are several different ways to learn to play piano: you can learn piano from online courses, instructional DVDs or simply picking keys at the piano to teach yourself. However, many people choose to seek out a piano teacher for private lessons, both for the experience and the face-to-face instruction. If you’ve just entered a community and hardly know anyone it can be hard to find a piano teacher. Piano teachers can be found at several places. 

Maybe there aren’t any available private tutors. There are still ways to learn though, so don’t give up. Look in local music stores. Usually, there will be people there who’ll offer tutorials as part of their job. Like you would otherwise get to know the person, their expected pay, your meeting times, etc. You’re pretty much guaranteed to get a quality musical education because music stores only allow people with a musical background to teach music tutorials.  

You can ask your piano tuner if s/he knows any local instructors, or ask your friends and acquaintances for recommendations of good piano teachers. Usually, there will be at least someone who’s willing to give lessons for a small fee. Talk to them and ask them about how they teach, what fee you’ll pay, and how often you plan to meet. In short, get to know the person a little. You may find a friend this way. 

You can also take courses at a local college or university in playing the piano. You can look into signing up for one of these, and you’ll be getting a very solid background in music education because the teachers are professional, and have learned to play their instrument of choice. Know about the school’s admissions policy, because you will technically be a student albeit even if it’s not in the normal sense.

Look in the Yellow Pages of the phone directory under ‘Musical Instruction’ as well. Potential teachers may not be in your immediate town, but teachers listed in the Yellow Pages will be in your area code which is the area close by relatively. 

These are all different methods to seek out a private piano teacher. Likely you’ll fare the best if you look at a music store or university, but no matter what you choose, there’s going to be a way to learn how to play piano from an experienced teacher in your area. All it takes is some resourcefulness on your part and knowing where to look for instruction. You can also go to your local church and ask about lessons there. Usually, music lessons often are held in churches by the church choir or instrumental director. 

As long as you keep looking for instruction in playing the piano, you’ll find it because there are more people interested in it than you think.